Cafe Rollup Curtains

cafeblindsCafe Rollup Blinds or Curtains are a perfect solution for your outdoor entertaining area. Whether you want to keep the hot sun out, the warmth in or the wind away there is a cafe blind to suit. Ziptrak Blinds may be the Rolls Royce of blinds but with roll up blinds you can get a product that does a similar job and is value for money. Your choice depends on your preferences and budget.

Cafe Roll Up Curtains use the Rope & Pulley system to raise and lower the blind and is locked into place with self tightening straps.

These blinds can be manufactured in either clear or tinted PVC or Shade Mesh which comes in a variety of colours to suit your colour scheme. Each blind has a ground flap to stop debris blowing in as well as rain. If you prefer to keep your outdoor area free from rain and wind and want to keep the warmth in we recommend PVC or if you want to let cool breezes through while being protected from the sun we suggest Shade Mesh.

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